I have this idea for a long time when we migrate hulu.com to https.

I tried a few other free cert signature solution. None of them works very well. When I saw Let’s Encrypt a few days ago, I had the same idea. I was firstly attracted by the design of the main site of Let’s Encrypt. So, I decided to give it a try.

With the easy steps of certbot, I configured my VPS with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. It was so easy to use certbot to renew the certificates automatically. With the support of certbot, I could do it once and for all. It’s really a good solution.

And now my site is fully secured.

The Cert

All of a sudden, my blog goes https. It now looks really nice. At least, Chrome won’t say it’s unsecure. 😂



I even updated my blog to the same style.